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Archives of older Amherst Island Beacons can be found at the bottom of this page. These transcripts have been completed by Don Tubbs. Please view the introduction document for the archives. You will require the latest version of Adobe Reader to see the documents.

Be advised that the following files are in PDF format and can be rather large; please be patient when downloading.

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Published monthly, the Beacon covers a wide range of topics of interest to the residents and friends of Amherst Island.


Amherst Island Beacons

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A.I. Beacon

5700 3rd Concession Rd,

Stella, Ontario.

K0H 2S0

email: editor@amherstislandbeacon.com

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Beacon Archives - Text Only

[Archive Introduction] 42K


Volume 4

[January 2000 to April 2002] 2.8 Megs

[January 1995 to December 1999] 3.3 Megs

[January 1990 to December 1994] 2.8 Megs

[November 1984 to December 1989] 2.8 Megs


Volume 3

[December 1978 to October 1984] 2.1 Megs


Volume 2

[November 1971 to April 1972] 211 K


Volume 1

[April 1970 to October 1971] 1.2 Megs


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